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Project 85 Vascular Defense Reactions
Onderzoekslijn Thrombosis Haemostasis
Omschrijving Bradykinin: inflammatory product of the coagulation system.

Vascular leakage is a classical symptom of inflammation. It is seen during injury and infections, most probably for host defense and tissue repair. However, vascular leakage is also seen in chronic inflammatory diseases and may worsen disease. Bradykinin is an infamous trigger for vascular leakage and pain. It is produced by an enzyme system that is linked to the blood coagulation system. We are currently investigating this mechanism in detail in health and disease to identify how bradykinin is made, and how to control this.

Plasmin in thrombotic microangiopathy - unexpected help.

When platelets and von Willebrand Factor (VWF) become entangled in the blood stream, small microaggregates form that end up in the smallest of blood vessels. This amongst other occurs in the autoimmune disease thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), where attacks of microthrombosis damage the kidneys, heart and brain. These attacks are life-threatening and are currently treated with high volumes of plasma exchange therapy and immune-modulating drugs. We recently found that the enzyme plasmin has a protective role in TTP. A therapeutic agent that stimulates plasmin formation improves critical symptoms of TTP in a mouse model. We are currently investigating the importance of endogenous plasmin activity for removal of microvascular obstructions in TTP. We want to elucidate the detailed molecular mechanism by which plasmin acts on VWF and develop therapeutic strategies for TTP that employ plasminogen activation.
Projectleider Prof.dr. W.W.(Wouter) van Solinge
Instituut Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht locatie AZU Utrecht
Status Lopend
Periode 1-1995 - 1-2025
Medewerkers Steven de Maat
Zonne Hofman
Naomi Parr
Cassandra van Doorn
Mirjam Mebius
Chantal Clark
Arjan Barendrecht
Kim Dijkxhoorn
Jan Jaap Verhoef
Financiering 3e Geldstroom - Subsidies, fondsen (incl. EU)