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Onderzoekslijn 153 Nanomedicine
Categorie Analytisch f. Moleculaire biologie
Trefwoord 1
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Omschrijving We use natural and synthetic nanoparticles to improve diagnosis and therapy. We do translational research, where challenges in healthcare guide scientific research. We are based within the University Medical Center Utrecht.
Our key areas of expertise are extracellular vesicles (such as exosomes and microvesicles), non-coding RNA and synthetic nanoparticles (such as liposomes, gold and micelles). Our work spans the entire nanomedicine field from characterization of nanoparticles via in vitro study of their behavior to pre-clinical evaluation and measurements on clinical samples. To support these broad activities, we collaborate with fundamental scientists, technological researchers, clinical chemists and medical doctors as well as with industry.
We welcome the opportunity to work with you. Either in shaping your grant proposal for a stay at our laboratory or to participate in a collaborative project.
Onderzoeksleider laboratorium Prof.dr. W.W.(Wouter) van Solinge
Mede-onderzoeksleiders Prof.dr Gerard Pasterkamp Prof.dr Ray Schiffelers
Instituut Universitair Medisch Centrum Utrecht locatie AZU Utrecht
Periode 1-2010 - 1-2025